LAUSD SSO Passwords
If your password expired, look at page 20 of your agenda (the teacher pages). Hopefully, you wrote your information down. If you didn't, please email Ms. Federico & she will email you your information: 

If you look at the very bottom of this page, you will find a link to a handout to help you change your password.

To access the district's Digital Library, you will need to go to Schoology.
Look for the Rubik's Cube looking icon in the blue bar at the top.
Select "LAUSD Digital Library" and sign in to access.

Need help figuring out how to join a Schoology Conference? 
Here's a How-To Video:

How to get into a conference on Schoology.MOV

If the video tells you you need access, try this link:

Did you know that the library has 185 ebooks and 23 audiobooks in its catalog? You can download them and read to your heart's content. The ebooks are all history and science texts. Lots of interesting information. The audiobooks are all fiction.

Once in the catalog, select "Destiny Discover" in the left-hand column. Then scroll down the page to find the ebooks & audiobooks. You will need to sign-in to access the content.

The 4 teams moving on to Regionals:

No Name; It's a Paradox!
Bookie Monsters
Bookie Wookies

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not sure when or how the competition will take place. 
So stay tuned for details.