Student Resources

Seventh Grade Medieval Studies

Need sources for your Medieval Fair project? Check the list below for ideas, and where you can find sources.

1. Books - Books related to the medieval period are located on the bookcases separating the non-fiction and fiction sections. They are separated and  shelved according to the following categories:

Castle and Cathedral  • Knights and Warfare  • Daily Life  •  Culture & Society  •   General History 

2. Internet Sources - Medieval Studies Search Engine - We have created a custom Google search engine, that only searches the sites that your teacher and the library have found to contain quality information on the topics you are looking for. Click on the link below to access the search engine 

                                                  Click here for Medieval Studies Search

3. Medieval Studies Notebooks - These notebooks contain information specific to your profession, as well as information relating to daily life. The front coverwill provide you with a description of the job, keywords associated with the job (use these words in an index of a book, or a search engine), Print resources, citing several of our print sources that contain information, and web resources, citing some of the better web sites. Inside are printed copies from the web. Please do not remove anything from the notebooks.
Note: These notebooks are in varing stages of completion 

4. Medieval Studies Wiki - We are in the process of creating an online version of the notebooks described above. Some sections are complete and others are not. Click on the link below to access the wiki.

Click here for Medieval Studies Wiki 

5. Databases - Click on the Database Library link in the Links to Content section to the right. The following databases are best for medieval studies:

ABC-Clio - Use the Ancient History database

Britannica  - Encyclopaedia Britannica will provide the most indepth information

Info base (Facts on File) - Use their Ancient and Medieval History Online database.

Salem History - A simple search will bring up articles in their medieval history resources

World Book Online - A general encyclopedia database

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