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• Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books 2018-2019

Battle of the Books is an exciting reading competition for all students. Students form teams who, as a group, read all twenty titles in the Battle of the Books list (see link below) over the next 6 months. The team competes in a Family Feud type competition, where two teams face off answering questions of the type: "In which book did one of the characters suddenly see the color red?" Answer: The Giver by Lois Lowry.

Talk to your language arts teacher, and tell them you are planning to compete in Battle of the Books. Most teachers will accept titles on the list for credit for their outside reading assignments, as well as give extra credit for participating in the competition.

Reed will be having a school competition in early March, with a firm date to be announced. Book lists, information, and entry forms can be downloaded by clicking on the links below. Please return to this page for additional updates.

The top four teams from our school competition will compete against other local middle schools in a regional competition, to be held at Sepulveda Middle School in the Spring Semester.

Battle of the Books List

Annotated Battle of the Books List