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Battle of the Books

These titles cover a range of reading abilities and topics.  There are graphic novels, stories told in verse, realistic stories, fantasy & sic-fi novels and more.  The novels cover a range of diversity: Asian, African American, Latino, Native American, as well as LBGTQ (Lily and Dunkin is a novel about a transgender student).

Remember, as a parent you have the right to choose what your child reads or doesn't read.  Below is the list with reviews and links to commonsense media (if available).

Here is the 2017-2018 Battle of the Books list!  

Click the link to access & print the list:

Battle of the Books List for 2017-2018.docx

Want a bit more information about the books?  
Check out this Annotated List.  Use the link below to access & print.

Annotated 2017-2018 BoB List..docx