If you would like to schedule the library for any open time period, come into the library or email Ms. Federico, 
Include the following information:
- Title of event or class scheduled
- Sponsoring person
- Periods and/or time (see school schedule below)
- Equipment needed: Computers, LCD Projector, Screen, Audio with Microphone,
  Document Camera, Overhead Projector
- Any other pertinent information

If it is a class visitation for research, download the Research Project Information Page (click on this link) and attach to your email, OR see Mr. Bobrosky at least a week before the scheduled visit, so we can discuss and collaborate to create a rich and valuable library experience for your students.

Walter Reed Bell Schedule

Monday / Wednesday /  Thursday / Friday


Minimum Day

Reverse Minimum Day

Mark Bobrosky,
Jul 9, 2013, 12:32 PM