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New Books!

Thank you ASB for the MANY new books.

We received the first shipment of new books for students to check out and enjoy. They are being processed and will be available soon!

Battle of the Books "Rewired"

Interested in being a part of this year's Battle of the Books? It's a fun reading competition. Students compete in teams of 4 and participate in 4 rounds of trivia questions based on the 16 books on the list.

If you have your team of 4 already, appoint one person as captain and have that student fill out the Google form for teams. If you don't have a team, but want to compete, fill out the Google form for individuals & Ms. Fed will place you on a team.

The tentative date for Battle of the Books is Thursday, May 5, 2022.

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Battle of the Books List 2021-2022.docx
AAPI Reading List.pdf