• Walter Reed Middle School Library •

Check Outs are Here!

Watch the video to learn how to check out books while we are Distance Learning.

A Message from Ms. Federico:

The library is now open... sort of. You will be able to access the catalog and place books on hold. When I am on campus, usually Tuesdays and Thursdays, I will check out the books on hold* and place them in a bag. After I have done this, I will send you an email letting you know that you can stop by the school and pick it up at the main door. When you are ready to return you books, you will drop them off at the main door of the school.

You may check out up to 3 books at one time. You will have 3 weeks from the day that I check the book out to you. (Usually it's only a 2 week time period, but with pick up and drop offs, I'm extending it to 3 weeks.)

Please watch the video above to learn how to place a book on hold.

*Note: Even though the catalog says a book is available, it may be inaccessable. There are several hundred books that need to be shelved. There are at least 40 that are in the catalog, but not fully processed. I will email you if the book you have on hold is not yet ready for check out. Please note that all of the new My Hero, Academia animes are still being shipped to the school and then need to be processed.

Checkout a Book (or 2 or 3) Today!

Accessing the Library Catalog:

Look to the menu on the top left of this page. Click on "Library Catalog" and it will take you to the library catalog's home page. You will need to click on the word Catalog again. Now you will be able to search for items. If you are looking for ebooks or audiobooks, look to the left and click on Destiny Discover and search from this page. Scroll down until you see the ebook and audiobook categories.

Accessing the District Databases:

Look to the menu on the top left of this page. Click on "District Databases" and it will take you to the ILTSS homepage. Scroll down and you will see a few options in boxes. If you are on campus, click on the box "Digital Library - Subscription Sites." IF YOU ARE AT HOME, click on the box "Accessing the Digital Library Subscription Databases Remotely." This will take you to a sign in screen. Sign in using your LAUSD SSO (Single Sign On = your LAUSD email and the password you created). Once you do that, you can access the databases.


Every student in LAUSD is assigned an email that ends in @mymail.lausd.net. Each student must update their password every 6 months. This combination of email and password is the LAUSD SSO, or single sign on. Students will use this SSO to sign in to Schoology, sign in to the school's Chromebooks, access the District's Databases (LAUSD Digital Library), and any other district platform.

Students will need to know their school/district ID#, their date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy) and their PIN. Any student who needs to know his/her PIN can contact Ms. Fed (taf9126@lausd.net) and she will retrieve the info. There is a page in the agenda with a helpful guide to updating your password. It is also included below for easy reference.